Monday, 12 September 2011

A Silver Bike And Standing In The Observatory

The weekend's major geomagnetic storm (I've never seen the kp index reach 7 before) may, or then again may not, have had an effect upon my internal vision centres.

On Saturday afternoon, napping on my bed in the strong Spring sunshine, I found myself standing within an ancient courtyard. It was a couple of hours before the dawn, and looking up the height of a dark stone wall, I saw a perfectly circular opening outlining the night sky. I felt the slight chill of the air, heard the hush of the early morning hours, and I knew I was in some kind of observatory. The whole scene bore an aura of wonder and deep, deep beauty.

Sunday night, I dreamt of a motorbike which was about to be mine. It was neither very large nor very small; neither a superbike nor a moped. But it fitted me exquisitely. There was a broad, comfortable seat for the driver, and one slightly different in shape for the passenger. The bum-box was just big enough for all my stuff. The entire bike was bright, reflective silver.

I'm still trying to decide whether increased geomagnetic activity affects my dreams and visions, and these next few years seem likely to provide me with a great deal of data.

Pic: Kokino Observatory, Macedonia. No, I've never heard of it before. But the vision seemed to have been located not too far from here.