Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nudged Into Matter

The poor trees which the building managers, Amdec, had moved to install waterproofing on the second floor deck were eventually thrown away yesterday.

You may recall the way in which one of the Cape Ash trees,lollipoped to within an inch of its life, had collaborated with the resident Sparrows to save their nest.

My dearest colleague, The Moffie, called me inter-office shortly after lunch in a distraught state. He had witnessed the disposal of all the trees - which had been left waterless in large pots for weeks - and the Sparrow nest with them. The birds, he said, were flying around with insects in their beaks,looking for their nest, which now could not be found.

My heart suffered major hits. Joining The Moffie on the balcony an hour later, I assured him that whoever was responsible for these life-negative decisions would, sooner or later, also find themselves dying without a home, their children having been thrown out with the trash.
I don't just believe this - I am aware of it as a truth as deep and meaningful as our own god-ness.

For one of the decisions we make when we consent to Fall again into Matter is to allow the ineradicable learning of physical experience to school us. We teach others and we learn from others, just as those semi-conscious building managers are about to be taught by their actions towards some trees and Sparrows. So are we all. It's a major part of why we're here. God teaching God, divinity learning from divinity.

For only incarnate matter can inflict these vicious wounds upon itself.
And, hurting and being hurt, we move toward a state of greater comprehension of Cosmos, and Godhead, and why it is we are here, now.

Pic: How magnetic fields nudge matter into black holes