Monday, 18 July 2011

Ancestral House

The truce of silence between myself and one side of my ancestral lines has come to an end, and at my request last night they granted me a dream vision which has started to reopen communication between my maternal forebears and me.

The dream was vivid, bearing the unmistakable stamp of an ancestral communication, and this is how it went:

The house is large and multi storied. Odd passages run off here and there; staircases ascend and descend all over the place. No room is a regular shape and most of the stories exist on many split levels themselves. There are rooms I know I haven't visited in years - yet I know they are still within the house, somewhere. There are rooms I know I haven't seen before in this life, and rooms which have been radically renovated.
One of the rooms is actually a deep cave, lit by candles and torches in the walls, those walls also bearing busts and statuettes of goddesses. Before these, I bow.
The people I meet as I roam the old house are each significant.
The house has grounds, as well. One heavily tree-line promenade is overshadowed by a towering church with steeple. I recognise it, and mark the attitude of my maternal line to it.

Much food for thought here - and I will be chewing it over for a while. But meanwhile, as I wake out of this dreamscape, I notice something else: that there is an einsteinian-style time dilation-and-contraction effect at work between the worlds of waking and dreaming. In the land of waking, each dream seems to last about 12 seconds. Yet in the land of dreams, this can be a period of 12 hours or more.
Thus, applying Special Relativity to these two states of consciousness, it seems as if the dreaming state is analogous to the resting frame of reference...and of course it is, as dream states are that much close to the Ground State, the Foundation of all Being, and that is perhaps the ultimate rest-frame-of-reference that we have.

Pic: An ancestor from the other side of my line