Friday, 3 June 2011

To The Strains Of Bach

For about twelve years, now, I've woken up (at some godsawful predawn hour, according to many) to the sounds of Talk Radio 702. I've fallen asleep to it, too, and had it on in the background as I cleaned the house on the weekend. I've long felt that the human voice is superior to any amount of nursery-rhyme, misogynistic, life-negative popular music.

But a couple of weeks ago I turned off the 702, and switched to Classic FM. The reason? Well, 702 seems to have gradually succumbed to the rampant know-nothingness of the mass media everywhere.
Not only do screaming adverts interrupt their talk shows with ever-increasing frequency at a volume at least double the regular show level; not only do the topics of discussion verge more and more frequently on the inane and viciously personal, but the show hosts themselves have been displaying a disappointing level of stupidity, vapidity and lack of general knowledge of the world around them and any news outside of the culturally-approved sound bites. Even then, they frequently get their facts wrong. And don't talk to me about their vaunted Eye Witness News – the spelling and grammar on that site has gone the way of all popular media: down the drain.

So I've been enjoying a feast of classical music, old and new, along with some well-informed and well-spoken presenters on Classic FM. Which is the station my Dad favoured. Oh gods, I'm becoming my father.

In other post-Gemini-eclipse news, I've received word of some excellent developments from our legal team regarding our case against RSS Security Services. I can't divulge it here, but suffice it to say that, if I were RSS Security Services, I'd be offering to settle right now. There will be justice for my boys. Hecate will not allow Her favoured animals to go unavenged.

So now, among the increasingly clean and windswept winter on the highveld – which I really enjoy, truth be told, despite the sometimes sub-zero temperatures in the morning – I have a measure of contentment, well earned. I'm not looking for it to last, for spirit moves ever on, and change is the marker of progress. But for the moment, I'm bloody well enjoying it. To the strains of Bach.

Pic: found on some news site a couple of days ago. It looks like it should be titled "Deep Green  Resistance" , doesn't it?


  1. I'm pleased to hear you may be getting some justice for your beloved dogs.