Friday, 24 June 2011

I'm You, Too

Just as I was slowly discovering that I am not who over 40 years of enculturation has taught me to believe I am - just in that smear of time, over a decade as we count it, my Ancestors have hit me with the knowledge that I am not who I thought I was on other, somewhat lesser levels.

This latter knowledge I am not, for the moment, at liberty to discuss - Trade Union negotiations have got nothing on my forebears' ability to hold a PowWow - but I feel free to talk about some of the former assumptions about who we are and how we fit in to this glorious universe.

I grew up and absorbed my training as a scientist at just that time in recent human history when we were starting to revise our world view big time. I grew with a vision of matter as solid, underlying, and separate from energy fields. Matter we could take apart to see what it was made of. A fully Newtonian reading of the cosmos, in fact.

It has taken me many decades and much altering of my souls' alignments to gradually accept a picture much closer to what, when we don't think too much, we know already - that there is no matter, it's all fields.

All one field, to be more precise. What we thought of as solid matter (or Earth-plane) is more like a condensation of energy in various loci. Our bodies - and all so called particles, down to the quarks - are densifications of the Field. Our knotted, contracted energy state.

I totally get that, now. Don't laugh that it has taken me more than 50 years....
For this week I have been dreaming that I was somebody else. Myself, but also another woman, whose history and circumstances were completely different to those I currently live with. I have awoken, twice now, with the knowledge that somehow I was that other woman...and then nearly dissolved into giggles because of course I'm her. I'm you, too.

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  1. This the same as i dreamed i was a butterfly?
    This life is a "dream" too?

  2. Hard to tell what's the dream and what's waking, isn't it?
    Just like I no longer have a meaningful referent for the word 'normal'.

    T in J