Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Forever, Who You Are

With the grand restructuring taking place at work right now, I’m getting pretty well acquainted with one of the more common effects of severe stress – loss of language.

It’s not too often that I simply can’t recall the appropriate noun or adjective I need, but in the last two weeks I’ve noticed an alarming frequency in my inability to locate the mot juste.

This damnable affliction does not yield to intense concentration or the usual tricks of linguistic recall. The word one is searching for remains well hidden however much one tries to retrieve it. Until, at a moment when you are thinking of something completely different – or not thinking at all – out it pops, and you heave a sigh of recognition and relief.

It is just so – as I have experienced and as many, many teachers have conveyed – that our recall of our essential natures remains on the tip of our brains, unreachable by our common consciousness, however much one sits down to discover it. Thinking about Who We Are won’t hack it. Years of meditation won’t hack it either – although the discipline of allowing the mind to stop thinking helps enormously.

It’s just that one day, when you’re concentrating on your breath, or aligning your energy bodies, or souls…just then will you remember, in a flash, who you were and who you are and who you will be unto eternity.

It is the sure knowledge which comes forward when you least expect it. The vision of the face you wore before your great-great-great grandparent were born and upon which your gaze now falls, unexpectedly, amazingly, gnostically. You look upon this face and instantly recognize yourself.

It is a knowledge which comes unsought of itself, in the same way that the elusive word comes when we are not looking for it. And it imparts a knowing you will never forget, never question, and which you will carry with you into countless incarnations. Forever, Who You Are.

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