Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Etheric Disturbance

I've always had difficulty with casinos. When the company I work for (which handles back end services for many online casinos) held their year-end function at a land based casino in Joburg, my partner and I had dinner, wandered around the casino for half an hour - then cashed in our untouched chips and left.

I find it almost impossible to sit - or stand for that matter - at a roulette table or slots machine without a strong feeling of wrongness sliding through me.

Not sinfulness - wrongness.As in: there's something really wrong with all these people, in their best evening wear and artful makeup, staring involved at the spin of the wheel or the turn of the card, for hours on end. And never interacting with any one of the hundreds of other people around them Sure, they might order a drink or yell at a win, but their eyes never meet anothers', their presence is at once essentially isolated and nudging elbows...it's a form of insanity, I guess, which even sends off its own smell. Rank, disturbing and repellent, to me.

So finding myself reacting in a very similar way yesterday evening when we were some 10 km from the nearest casino (you're never far from a casino in Joburg, bless 'em), I looked around with both the eyes of my body and the eyes of my spirit to try and find the cause.
We were looking for another cellphone for Warren and in a very large department store in a very large shopping mall which had been built on what was once (and ever is, in many hearts) a wetland environment.

As I felt the tingling disturbance in my aura I automatically started to ground -three stories up in this toxic setting -and felt my etheric body begin to fuzz and bleed in both directions, into my earth body and into my shining one. It's not a nice feeling at all. I took a walk away from the cellphone stand, leaving Warren and the salesman discussing the merits of different platform browsers, and found myself wrestling intently with the alignment of my souls among the shrink-wrapped bed linens and voile curtains. The gut-deep sense of wrongness was strong, and I wondered if it had, in fact, a physical cause - the presence of many active cellphones in one small area could conceivably have caused a disturbance in all the energy bodies I call my souls.

Well, I'll think on it a while - these are just some preliminary thoughts on how living and manufactured bodies interact upon this plane, and upon the two planes upward of this one. If you have any random thoughts, ideas or teachings to share with me, I beg you to do so.


  1. Shopping malls all do that to me. I really try to stay out of them. Can't be helped once in a while. But amazes me people go to them "for fun."

  2. There was a bit of rustling lately about the health effects of cellphones, from the WHO of all places.

    World Health Organization Says Cellphones Cause Cancer ... Oh, And They're Killing Off the Bees As Well

    Kind of inescapable when you think about it, knowing what we do about the inverse square law and the amount of energy that must ooze out of those things to make it all the way to the nearest earth acupuncture tower.

  3. Yes.

    How much is physical, like cell phones and power lines, and how much is just the sickness that the people carry with them?

    Wife went through a stage where a casino was a place to eat food. I couldn't eat there, the noise and smell and yuckiness of the place, not good for me. Thankfully we fixed her of that problem ;-)

    peace and love

  4. Gambling has never appealed to me; it's just reckless greed IMO. And I feel sick in every way when I'm in malls or large stores. The rank commercialism just really bothers me. I also don't feel well if I'm in a city for too long, I need trees and fresh air as opposed to all that dead, grey concrete. Interesting post, I'll be interested to read more about this.

  5. The empathic tidal wave that engulfs us from places where crowds of people with similar emotional character has a profound effect upon everyone in the area. I have never been in a casino, despite living very near one for two decades. I also haven't gone to a mall in that long because the crowd's focus on decadence and money problems leaves me feeling filthy, upset (i.e. a mixture of emotions out of control), and wanting desperately to get away from these drowning people.

    On the other hand, I have drained my cell phone of all its energy several times while doing energy healing or deep meditation. If I can do that to the cell phone (and others have reported the same phenomenon to me), then the cell phone can also touch me. So thousands of cell phones in a close space can probably have an effect upon us.

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