Saturday, 19 March 2011


This close to the equinox, the time of Rushing Dark Water, this close to a Full Moon at Perigee, and I have dreamed a vivid and meaning-filled dream of a huge expanse of clear water.

The water resembled an enormous swimming pool, in which many people were swimming and playing. I joined them.

Under the clear transparent water, it was evident that something very, very big was making its way towards us. I couldn't see it, but I could surely sense it, as though it cast a long underwater shadow before itself.

It was approaching us at speed, so I turned and swam away from it, with everyone else. I reached the steps out of the pool before it got to me.

Above me stood a set of huge French windows, open to the dark night sky and the moon hanging there...

I should also note that this so-called Supermoon is rising from Joburg at 7 degrees Scorpio - the exact placement of my natal Neptune.

Pic: Richard Dalton