Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lessons of Fire

Last night we started into another Mercury Retrograde.Unlike the long string of retrogrades preceding it, this one is not taking place in an Earth sign. That's little comfort to me, however, as the Fire sign of Aries which is accommodating this backward motion is a bit of an unknown factor in my natal chart.

Aries seems to represent the ego at its beginning. The point-like emergence of I Am from the sea of consciousness. The war-mongering, power-grabbing, dionysian-celebrating result of the first stages of individuation. And as such, it can be dangerous.

In fact, if we think about the function of a Mercury retrograde - to review the past 3 weeks or so, and revisit that ground again - I should really be crouching in a corner, whimpering. I mean -the last 3 weeks? For gods' sakes. Car bursting into flames on the highway, spending thousands on towing fees and then thousands on repair and then spending a week without a car at all; intense and vicious little 'flu virus which hit me for a good ten days, which is 8 days too long;failure of serenity and failure of communication and failure of humility. You want me to revisit the last three weeks?

But I'm not taking it as badly as all that. In fact, I'm rather looking forward to what this period can teach me. My natal Mercury does reside in a Fire sign, after all - albeit the more refined fire of Sagittarius - and the Guide of Souls who is Mercury/Hermes/Odin/Enki has not been known, by me anyway, to make too many great big mistakes.
It's feeling like being in a classroom again, and the teacher is saying "Now, class, this is an important bit. I want you to learn it very thoroughly. So, let's just go back over this piece again, hmm?"

I intuit that my personal lessons will involve flash-or-trigger-points, keeping a clear mind, and opening myself to some less savoury aspects of Who I Am. With, hopefully, a hefty dose of gentle humility thrown into the mix. Let's wait and see then, shall we?

Pic: Fire Dragon by Vlad Gerasimov