Saturday, 26 February 2011

Real Life, Pt 2

This, too, is real life. Both canine family members, myself and Warren at the first PBFSA show of the year. A sturdy travelling cage provided dogs with somewhere to rest out of the way of the other boisterous entrants.

Taranis took part in his first pulling competition. He pulled 800kg and came third in his class. Couldn't have been prouder of him.

He also placed second in his class in conformation. He had a fairly bad allergy rash and some love bites from Scylla on his chops, so he didn't take first prize. No worries.
..and he entered the high jump and made a very passable attempt in strange conditions, to him, of 1.8m. We know he can jump higher, but he just enjoyed himself so much - and that's the important part.

Scylla placed first in her conformation class - she's 6 and a half years old and this is her first outright win. Brilliant, brave girlie!