Sunday, 13 February 2011

Green Aid

I have a tincture of fresh Plantain leaves macerating in a coloured bottle today - it should be ready sometime in the second week of March. But I'm keeping an eye on it. The plant seems to grow only in one specific place in the garden, and is considered a weed by the unintelligentsia.

I've already guinea-pigged the tincture on myself, and it's wonderful for skin lesions, stings, itches and rashes. Taranis is presently on cortisone to control his allergies, but I'm hoping that the Plantain will be an added soother for his red inflamed skin.
Anyone else out there tried this?

Meanwhile, back at the workplace, a colleague is so hooked on my dried herb remedy for his sinusitis that he got into trouble with the police a couple of months ago. They pulled him over in a routine roadblock and searched his car. The little baggie of Wormwood and Coltsfoot aroused more than suspicions - they were about to lock him up, when a nurse who was accompanying the Metro Cops confirmed that the plants were harmless. Well, I wouldn't call them harmless, myself - but certainly not illegal.