Thursday, 6 January 2011


The partial solar eclipse on Monday has been a shower of blessings. With a Natal Saturn firmly ensconced in Capricorn - which is my third house - I am unusually prey to limiting fears in the realm of external relationships. Getting along with myself - fine. After, that is, many years and a Shamanic Dismemberment. Getting along with, effectively communicating with, the rest of humanity - well, it takes a bit more work.

So this eclipse, occurring as it did at 14 degrees Capricorn, in effect acted as a release valve on many external bonds and limits. The governors are off, or starting to be, and I can feel a marvelous tide of release crossing the face I show to the world. Physical ailments, too, have started to heal.It's not a fast process - when was anything Saturnian speedy?- but the gravitas is quite large.

So, I was leaning over the smokers' balcony, puffing on a new nanotek cigarette (lovely - not only do they leave less mess, I'm smoking fewer of them, which was a bit unexpected), watching the building staff washing the 2-story-high plate windows using three mop-handles stuck together from a rickety perch on a tall ladder, and wondering why the hel I get paid so much more than they do.

Basically, I sit in front of a computer all day, knitting my right and left hemispheres together to turn out problem-solving computer code, all the while listening to Christopher Bingham and Sue Tinney or Pandemonaeon on my iPod, with coffee, tea and more rusks than I can throw at a taxi driver close at hand. For this I get reimbursed quite adequately. But those guys on the swaying ladder, washing cliff-sized windows with a home-made squeezy mop: how much do they take home to their families?
This is hardly a revolutionary thought, but I reckon they exchange far more energy than do I for their daily bread. And so do security guards, miners, and road sweepers.

Do you think we've got our economy arse-about-face?