Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hawking Should Move to Outer Space.Now.

Stephen Hawking:"Mankind must move to outer space within a century"

Aquila ka Hecate: "Only if you take the Machine with you."

And good riddance, I might add.

What's with some of these scientists, that they stay perpetual little boys, full of Amazing Stories and Flash Gordon, all their lives?

I've met Hawking, and wasn't impressed by his deep consciousness - that is, he has an admirable brain for hard science, but none at all for anything else. Escaping the planet we've ruined is just, well, bloody irresponsible as well as fairly typical of the mindset which got our life-system into the mess it is today. To say nothing of the view of Earth as another bit of..material.

I wonder how he treated his mother?

If you're reading that article, take a look at the comments while you're about it. I swear, the Brits just get more and more stereotypically atheist by the day. It's as if the whole nation is suddenly anxious to distance themselves from 'silly religion' and show how tough-minded they are. Blech. Been there, done that.