Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hecate's Night Four: Bring On the Captain

Well, we know who the evil scientist who stole my brain was, don't we?

It was myself, an earlier model of course.

Raised by scientist parents, for most of my life I couldn't see anything which held more worthiness than the hard sciences. And so I, the stereotypical over-achiever, became the physicist, the astronomer.

This actually set me back in some respects by years and years. I put it down to being a slow learner, but even all that time of looking for materialist explanations which followed the rules of logic hasn't totally convinced me that the answers can't be found there, sooner or later.

And so it is that post rational thinking sometimes has to completely ambush me, as it did last night.

I sit before my eastern altar facing a white-painted wall, two tall golden candles between me and the plastered screen upon which the flame shadows play. Right before my eyes, it is the perfect setting for an image of a woman with her arms outstretched, each hand bearing a candle like a flaming torch...

...and on Her brow, the crescent moon. And at Her heels, companion dogs.

Tears of awe actually coursed down my face.

But then, I never claimed to be immune to the scorn of Captain Obvious.