Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Their Own Personal Pantry

You often hear the cry, in this country, that all the power is still, despite cosmetic changes, in the hands of the old guard - specifically, White males. And I often wonder about that.
Yes, in some cases it seems to be true. Key international corporations are almost inevitably headed by pale y-chromosome carriers. Plus, white owned or managed companies and services are perceived as being more efficient, more profitable...just more.

I suppose this is not really surprising, when you get around to thinking about it. If you get round to thinking about it, in my case. The European branch of humanity certainly seems to be a problem child. It's the Wetiko branch, for a start. And by this I mean it carries the pathology of needing, somehow , to devour not just enough to keep the individual or the tribe alive, but as much of anything it can cram into its maw, for no better reason than it feels compelled to do this.

Yes, a Wetiko is not just - my former post to the contrary - a cannibal. A Wetiko consumes its own kind, yes, but the definition of own kind  here includes most of Life.

I am an omnivore, for example - I consume the flesh of animal people as well as the flesh of plant people. I also take in the substance of mineral people, insect people and atomic people. It's one of the pacts, it seems to me, that you make in becoming incarnate upon the Earth. You agree to take in the substance of many forms of life to sustain your own life - and in turn you agree that you are just as much food as anyone else.

I am food to a variety of organisms which subsist upon my skin, my blood, and my gut. As I am food to them, I also hope that I have not forgotten that I am food to larger organisms - at least potentially. But this is exactly the point that Wetikos do not acknowledge. They don't see that they should be food for anything else, and on the contrary, aim to treat all of the living world as their own personal pantry.

Therefore, it is perhaps not so surprising that most "successful" enterprise in Southern Africa appears to be White owned or controlled. For by the standards of success being used here, the White race - and most particularly the male portion of it - have exactly the form of "intelligence" necessary to empower that kind of success. The "intelligence" of power hierarchies, dominance cultures and violence-driven paradigms.

That's the difference between the Wetiko race - originally mostly Eurasian, I grok - and all the other races of humanity which they have eliminated or absorbed and converted by infecting them with their disease. And it's a fearsome disease, as we can all see these days very clearly. Could it be this pathology which got the Caucasians kicked out of Paradise in the first place?

Pic: Taken from Urycon's Meanderings