Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Standing on the smokers' balcony yesterday, I was caught by the sight of a pair of Glossy Starlings perched on the cellphone mast opposite.
Lovely birds, they are: orange-eyed and shimmering-plumaged.

I was wondering to myself what it would be like to have such a pretty bird as a Spirit Animal. No sooner was that thought fully formed in my mind than here comes a large black and white corvid, from the Northeast, flapping to a stop on the cellphone mast. Followed by its mate.

OK, OK - it was only idle speculation, guys. I wouldn't swap you, my Pied Crow, for all the Glossy Starlings in Africa.

"We envy the birds in flight - Oh no, God is not dead." - Lux Interna

PS The word from the House Martins is that they are pushing off - maybe as soon as sometime today.