Friday, 23 April 2010

King, Blood, Soil

In an amazing interview, CJ Stone, no ordinary mortal himself, explains some of the phenomenon known as King Arthur Pendragon.
There was this dysfunctional boy from an army family, a soldier and then a biker, who, at some weird juncture in his life adopts this name and then it’s as if all the responsibility for living the life that the name represents is dumped on his lap. At this point he “becomes” Arthur. It doesn’t matter if he is the reincarnation or not. If he hadn’t lived up to the role none of that would matter, and by living up to the role he activates it on a magical level: he makes it real. I’ve adopted the role as writer, and by living up to it to the best of my ability I am making it real.

I have been following the adventures of this man, born John Rothwell, off and on for a while now. CJ Stone adds a new level of meaning and understanding.
Could have achieved the same under another name? Of course not. It’s the name that has the magic. The name is resonant of so many things. For a start, it represents something ancient in the British landscape and in the British psyche: something real and authentic. So what Arthur does is to challenge the modern world – this criminal world of corporate irresponsibility – from the position of something more ancient, more authentic, more true. True justice as opposed to fake justice. Real truth, real honour. So when the man, Arthur, calls upon the name he is activating some deep reality which calls us all to rise up and challenge the corporate takeover of our world and to get back to our deeper selves

It could have been anybody - it could have been any of us - but it was this particular man, this time.

It makes me want to go and fling my life and my soul at the feet of this man. And I don't feel that way about anybody easily. Hel, I don't feel that way about anybody, at all. Until now.

As much as I am an African, and my blood and my soul belong to this land, here where I stand - just as much can I understand what Britain means to Her people, and most of my genes are British.

We need one of these King Arthurs for every country in the world, I think.