Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I dreamt last night that I was in a huge underground cavern. That 'I' was made up, as is now normal in my dreams, of several people. And this is not surprising - there's my Animal Self, my Ancestor Self, my Deity Self, and probably many others I haven't identified yet.

Anyway, We were in this great cave somewhere beneath the Earth, trying to navigate our way around. Not out, so much, as just around.
We came to a place where the water reached the rock roof, rushing. We couldn't see a way through here. So we sent out a 2-dimensional representation of ourSelf, which not only could make it through the swiftly running roof-high water, but which also reported back to us that, contrary to appearances, We could all in fact fit through.
And so we did.

I sometimes wish that either my dreams were less bloody obtuse or that I was a bit smarter in my understanding of them - but I've chewed on this one, and what I have come up with is this:

Wonderful as it is to be Radiant Spirit, indistinguishable from God, with all those myriad dimensions and ability to see things Whole, it is sometimes necessary to flatten out, to knock a few of those pan-dimensions off for just a moment, to fit oneSelf to the environment more closely - if only to be able to see and understand that the way is navigable after all.