Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I am a multi-dimensional being partly extruded into the three dimensional earth plane.

My parts are infinite, and my whole is immortal, and I am dreaming:

Deities before and behind me, Ancestors forming my horizontal axis,(Norse on my left, Pict on my right),spirit animals creating my vertical axis (Crow surmounts my top three chakras, wings outspread beyond my ears, Panther snarls from the Cinnabar Ocean of my ego presence).

From the water's edge appear the huge, white rats.
My descendants are attacked, and I scream for them.
I take a chair and try to kill the rats. But a chair of course, is not enough.
Need a machete, at least. Or try using the master's tools to take down the master's house - get an AK47, or a nuclear weapon.
My descendants slide under the water, and I am desolated.

Let those who can understand, do so.