Monday, 29 March 2010

Act of Remembrance

I know that small, symbolic actions are not going to save us. I am so very aware that taking shorter showers is going to do little if anything to mitigate the destruction of the biosphere of this planet - in fact, it may be adding to the catastrophe, as people find their consciences soothed by taking these small and inconsequential actions, and thus go no further in their activism.

However, this morning I find myself wearing a black armband in remembrance of all those humans killed in Witch hunts on the African continent. It's quite a host of the Dead I carry in my mind; the victims of humanity's fear and loathing of my spiritual path.

Let me be clear - I am Shaman, yes, but I am also a Witch, and have been for decades in this life.

Most of those killed by society's infantile fear of the dark were not practising any form of Witch Craft. It's a pattern familiar to those in Europe of centuries past - the old, the infirm, the children, the women. Taken as scapegoats.

Therefore, this morning and for 30 days following, I will be wearing my black armband in solidarity and honour. What appeared at first to be an adolescent attention seeking gesture I find, upon reflection, to be nothing of the sort - it is a fully adult, mature and compassionate action which reminds me, reminds others, re-members the very soul of our various Pagan paths. And that is in no way a bad thing.