Friday, 12 February 2010

Whatever Comes...

So, I've got this half-hour-odd guided meditation mp3, "Opening to the Great Perfection", which sounds quite promising. It's narrated by one of those Integral/Evo Spiritualism guys, who can sometimes display great clarity, even if I'm not always confined to their apparent level.

I put it on the iTunes player on my desktop, settle on the rug in half lotus, roll my eyes up and touch my tongue to the roof of my mouth, starting to breath deeply.

Taranis, however, takes this opportunity to research what it is I have on my hands. His furry nose breaks up the gyan mudra of my left hand as he starts licking the residue of chocolate from my palm. Snapping out of it, I give him a firm no and try to recapture my composure.

Furry-arse is attempting to get every last molecule of chocolate from me, however, and won't be put off by the Voice of His Mistress. At this point, Scylla reckons she's missing out on something good, and barrels into me from the other side.

I give up, laughing. Putting my arms around my two canine friends, I snort oh yes, Thou Art God, too at them and roll around on the floor for a little bit with them.

It's really hard to fool animals, you know. They see the Shiva in you, lurking behind your eyes, every time.
There may be a limitless perfection available just the other side of that meditative microsecond - in fact, I know there is. But when the other components of deity want to indulge in a little Lila - I would counsel you to give in, laugh from your belly, and experience that moment, instead.