Friday, 25 December 2009

The Felt Presence

Setting up sacred space is for me, an act of Love.

Sure - it's all Holy. But casting the circle, calling in the quarters, invoking Deity and then requesting the presence of Ancestors and Guides is the way I get my soul to start focusing. Being There.

Every evening practise, as well as the Sabbats and the blessed Esbats, I get to take notice of things as they really are, not how we present them to ourselves and each other.

The circle is a shield and demarcation, saying without words that this is now a space and a time not interfered with by the grand illusions we weave about our daily life.

The elemental quarters are called as witness that we, a creature of them and from them, acknowledge our gratitude and kinship to them and with them. Earth,Air, Fire, Water - of these am I, and all the stars in the heavens, composed.

Deity is Our image more perfected. We exchange views, and energy, with our divine Selves when we invoke the Gods and Goddesses.

Ancestors' presence is requested, and has become an integral part of sacred space for me for the last couple of years, ever since I discovered that I did, in fact, have some who were willing to Sit with me, their descendant, in a Space outside of Space, a Time outside of Time.

Except that now, instead of calling their specific presence into the circle, I have sent an encompassing request for any who want to spend extra-temporal time with me to just show up.

I was pretty chuffed - and a little surprised, I'll admit it - to find my grandfather Anderson and my Mom arriving on my left and on my right, taking my hands and settling in. But the biggest heart-opener was the wave of pure Love which engulfed my being at the same time.

Warm, enfolding - the kind of energy which underlines your knowledge that All is Well without being too wordy about it. The Love simply Is. And this experience - this felt presence of a force underpinning all our illusions, all our Maya, all our pain and suffering and a gift from the other world.

On the birthday of Sol Invictus, the unconquered and unconquerable Sun, may I wish that you, too, will feel this ultimate truth of How We Are, and be able to say, with the surprised and dying Terence McKenna, that My God, It's All About Love?