Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Do You Remember ?

Do you remember?

When primal energy swirled its Will to become primal matter?

You should,for every part of you was there.

It comes back to me in fits and starts and in dreams and at odd moments which catch me by surprise and take my breath away.

Looking into the face of life, matter enmeshed with spirit - no, not trapped, you can free yourself any time you like - and mostly, in the human animal, forgetful of its own reality.

The grass has not forgotten. Do you hear the squeal of pain as you step upon it? Or is that a yell of pure ecstasy, life unto life?

The spiders have not forgotten, and sit staring into our dense and confused minds from the corner of the room, wondering where we have gone and how we could have lost our memories so completely.

The water - ah, the water has never forgotten.

Every form of matter - indeed, the planet itself - remembers when we made this novelty, this new thing, this combinatory dense-energy-form we now call Life. Every form remembers but most humans do not.

We are not special, homo sap., we are not Made In God's Image any more than any other consciousness-meshed life. We are more forgetful though.
Maybe we were enticed by ourselves further into this amnesia. Sometimes I think I know the emotions which lead us further from our Godhead and deeper into slumber...then it is gone, not a rack behind in time to give me the words to encapsulate it.

Just one more animal on this planet - not the brightest, but certainly the most destructive. It may help to think of humans as the life form gone mad upon this earth. The one species which has forgotten so thoroughly hir origins and true nature that she's now poisoning the very matter of which she made hirself. Humankind is murdering, most foully, the primal particles we formed ourselves from.

And no - riding bicycles will not help to stop this murder. Nor will taking shorter showers. Recycling? You've got to be kidding me. All this 'green' activity will accomplish is to make you feel better, more virtuous, doing your bit to save the planet. You're not. It is the very existence of civilization which is killing our grand foray. It needs to be stopped - and separating out your rubbish is not going to do it, I'm sorry.

Instead, help take the Machine down.For us All.

Pic: Holy Fire by Alex Grey