Wednesday, 12 August 2009

With Friends Like These..

How's this for a bizarre article?

"Biologists have shown that it's a natural tendency of living creatures to fill up all available habitat and use up all available resources"

says William Rees, who is apparently an ecologist.

Now, pardon me while I scratch my head, here.
When did you last see salmon using up all the available water in a river?
Pied Crows using up all the available air? Or trees? Or even food, for that matter?
And the last time you saw a pride of lions slaughtering all the available game in its area was....?

Dr Rees is obviously mistaking all living creatures for humankind.

Ah, but we get a glimmering of understanding as to where he's coming from in his next utterance:
"That's what underlies Darwinian evolution, and species that do it best are the ones that survive, but we do it better than any other species"

Well, given a certain reading of the word better,I might be inclined to agree with him there.

The article's author continues ploughing on with this alarming statement:

Although we like to think of ourselves as civilised thinkers, we're subconsciously still driven by an impulse for survival, domination and expansion.

Is this truly how some people still think and write?
That we're 'subconsciously' driven by an impulse for survival (!) and that one can include the words domination and expansion in the same sentence?

Talk about slipping your assumptions past the reader!

As if it's nothing more than our instincts which causes these symptoms of Wetiko disease.
The expansion and domination symptoms have been displayed by humankind in the last few thousand years - and not all humans, just the civilised ones. There have been, and still are, populations of humans living in cultures which do not have hierarchical control of everything natural as their prime objective. But the author doesn't seem to be aware of these facts, preferring the picture he has in his mind of civilisation as the apex of all humanity - just as most of us were brought up to believe.