Sunday, 3 May 2009

An Interesting Fact... that, since May 2006, when plants first started talking to me in dreams, I've had a significant communication from the Plant Kingdom each time the Sun was in Taurus and the Moon in Leo.

I've had communications during other configurations, but this particular geometry has worked in 2006, 2007, 2008 and now 2009. Plus one with the Sun Taurus/Moon Aquarius.

The interesting fact here is that I have my Sun in Scorpio and my Moon in Aquarius - in opposition to this apparently favourable-for-hearing-plants configuration.

Why is that, I'm wondering?

Pic: hacked from Real Astrologers


  1. Off topic perhaps, but I'm curious: Aquila, what are you sensing about the immediate future, say 6 months to a year out? There seems to be a "disturbance in the force", to steal a Star Wars phrase, and it doesn't feel all that good. Any input? Thanks!

  2. Coyote Prime,

    I've had a feeling for a while now that we're truly 'standing on the edge', and that this leap is going to be life-shattering in many ways.
    (I blogged about it a year or more ago, I think, but the feeling's gotten dtronger.
    Add to that that I can distinctly sense my own fleshly demise not too far up ahead - and this may mean that I'm getting a biased reading.
    There's a looming something up ahead alright, but I'm not too sure whether its ultimately for good or ill. I'm inclined to say 'for long term good' of course,as this is what I believe about Our God-ness.
    Short term, maybe very very bad- my dream of a tower of fire on the water seems to indicate that it'll be affecting countries far from Africa for the moment.

    Terri in Joburg

  3. I like this view!
    It feels very relaxing!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Dear heart,

    The plant's don't care what the stars have to say! They are plants and will keep their own counsel!!


  5. ...and this is probably too bloody true!

    Thanks Pax
    Terri in Joburg