Monday, 20 April 2009

His Name is Taranis

Thank you all for the help with naming him. I admit that the first name to cross my own mind was in fact Cerberus. But, pronouncing it as I do, it sounds way too similar to Charybdys, so that was out.

Thor, Romulus, Remus, Ralp, Buzzy, Henwen, Cutiepie...all good names and almost all (well except maybe Cutiepie)already taken by a living Pit Bull.

We all liked the suggestion of something Homeric, and he very nearly became Hermes, except that I once had a dalmation of that name!

Also, the suggestions to wait until his character shows would be utterly sensible, except that he's a pedigree mutt and the dam's owner is busy registering him now.

Bloody family tree longer than mine, this dog has.

So, the Thunderer of the Celts he is, him and his wheel...

1 comment:

  1. Hail Taranis! Such a cutey pie. Dog genealogies are another mystery of human snobbery along with breeding histories.

    xxMary LA