Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ajna Opening

I've never claimed to be a quick learner when it comes to things spiritual.

Give me a Physics text or a Maths treatise, and I can absorb and comprehend it in fairly short order. But the more important issues, those of emotional and spiritual well being, have historically taken me longer to encompass.

After a couple of weeks of feeling my pineal gland working overtime, I was only mildly surprised to find my Third Eye coming fully open last night in meditation.

The infusion of energy up the shushumna wasn't dramatic or overwhelming, just a gentle wash of warmth up the spine. As I brought my focus to the absolute Here and Now, I was minded to move it a bit further up and further in.

Focus on the Here and Now can be performed at any point of your body. But bringing it up to the sixth chakra can be quite an experience. I felt the depth my self-focus was sitting at. There explosion at all.

My vision, now taking place somewhere else than my two lower eyes, was gradually filled with light, which went from a candle glow to 'the brightest light imaginable', if I may be permitted a cliche. The amount of light I was registering was certainly far too much for the darkened room to account for.

As the light abated again, I saw my Matron and Guide, Hecate, shift Her form in a way I find difficult to put into words. She was still She, but with a different emphasis. My Patron and other Deity Guide, Anubis, also showed a slight change in His appearance.

So - I have placed my faith in my Deities to help me to handle this small shift of focus, of locus of my soul. It's really interesting, and I've started an addition to my daily practise which should allow me to become a little more comfortable with it. Not that it's like tearing at my nerves or anything now. I just want to be slow and cautious with the change of energy pattern.

Let's see how it pans out as we glide into the Autumnal Equinox - which, come to think of it, may have something to do with this whole movement of energy.

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  1. Bright blessings,

    forgive me if I sound crass for it is not my intention - but did you mean to write Vernal rather than Autumnal Equinox?

    I've enjoyed reading your Blog these past few days. I found you via another - lodestoneandladysmantle. :o)

    It's been nice perusing the blogs in your list as many are well suited with my own beliefs/values - particularly the anti-civ, anarcho primitivist ones.

    Life, Love, and Strength,

  2. Hi Milaka - good to meet you!

    No, it's definately the Autumnal Equinox down here. I live in the Southern Hemisphere, which makes for some interesting comparisons with my Northern Hemisphere friends.

    Strength to you in your anticiv stance. It's the only way I can see things, these days - civilisation has to go, and if we don't take it down sooner rather than let in crash a it later, there's going to be huge consequences for all Life.

    Terri in Joburg