Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Whiney-Assed Cry-Babies

You know, I'm not dead sure just how (or even if) Karma works, but if it operates on any sort of a balanced scale, there are a whole lot of White South Africans destined to become Victims in their next lives.

Our beloved, slightly bumbling, Department of Education has had the bright idea that maybe children (sorry - learners) should start each school day by reciting some sort of pledge.
You know- a sort of mishmash of warm fuzzy ideas including being a good person, remembering those whose sacrifices have enabled us to be here, resolving to aid one's fellow human, etcetera.

I find nothing offensive in the proposed wording - it's a tad pompous and I'd like to see some Grade Ones get their half-formed pallets around some of those words never mind some of those concepts - but even as a bolshy Pagan, I can see no actual harm in saying:

We the youth of South Africa recognising the injustices of our past, Honour those who suffered and sacrificed for justice and freedom.

We will respect and protect the dignity of each person, and stand up for justice we sincerely declare that we shall uphold the rights and values of our Constitution and promise to act in accordance with the duties and responsibilities that flow from these rights.

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika

..well, except for that last bit of course - we don't all believe in a 'Lord' who we would like to 'bless Africa'. But that's a detail.

What got me rolling in the aisles when this proposed pledge was released to the media was the knee-jerk reaction of a host of my compatriots-mostly, probably almost exclusively, White Like Me.

Here are the first 3 reactions in the Press (News24):

that is rediculous
12/02/2008 14:19
why would a child who is discriminated against by that very SAME CONSTITUTION be saying an oath? "recognising injustices of the past" .. something which he had NOT been part of ... bull man .. what about the injustices NOW?? I will NOT ALLOW my kid to EVER EVER say that in his school!. Why be loyal to a Govt who discriminates against whites? - White

my kid for one will NOT say that
12/02/2008 14:21
why should he be punished for the 'injustices of the past'? He is bloody 13 years old? That is just blowing racial hatred and tension on amongst the youth .. Do they only honour Umkhonto I'sizwe's brave soldiers who killed and maimed or also the SANDF who lost their lives for the safety of all? - Zahn

12/02/2008 14:21
Its funny that the first sentence of the pledge starts with reference to the past instead of referring to the future. And besides, no-one should be forced to recite anything. Freedom of expression as uphold in the constitution should give my child the freedom to refuse to recite any "oath". - Flip

(OK, we had some Indians in that mix, I'll grant you)

The comments section carries on and on in that vein and get more and more heated.

I started thinking to myself that White South Africans:

1) Cannot, apparently, read the text in front of their eyes.
2)Have some humungous anger issues.

I think it may be that most of them (us) can't see one hundred days in front or behind. The failure to see the larger picture is driving this screaming hysteria, as far as I understand. The immediate threat of being dispossessed of their luxurious lifestyles - perhaps having to give up the private school, or the Merc, or the garderner,for example - by people they see as inherently inferior to themselves is a bitter, bitter pill.

The fear is almost tangible to the senses right now- especially the sense of smell.
The whiney-assed cry-babyism would be really funny if it weren't so damned annoying.
Actually, it's really funny anway.

Pic: Akwaba, African Goddess of Welcome