Saturday, 26 January 2008

Aquarian Dreamtime

Thursday night - sun Aquarius, moon Virgo - I dreamt I was stepping out of a car with a small band of people.

The first person to greet us was a tall man dressed in a black Indian embroidered tunic and trousers. He was our guide.

A priest in white cassock and black surplice attached himself to our party as we ambled towards a large church, whose stones had evidently become old as masonry.

It was not quite night, but dark was falling, as in twilight.

On my left, holding my arm, was a woman dressed in a beige skirt suit. Her face was not one I remember seeing in this lifetime, yet I knew who she was -my mother.

It was just one of those dreams which convince you that life -whether waking, dreaming or in deepest sleep - can be the sweetest thing.

Pic: Wokingham,England; St Paul's Church, where I used to ring bells.