Tuesday, 11 December 2007

With Love and Laughter

"Man is the animal who laughs" (Jubal to Mike in Heinlein’s Stranger)

"When you realize god, you will laugh and laugh and laugh…" (nameless poster on Zaadz)

"I only know that everything matters and that everything exists in that highly joyous state of sheer joy where almost nothing matters because it's all ok." (Hecate on her blog today)

" But at the primal level, enantiodromia appears to me as nothing more or less than the divine thinking and experimenting with itself." (Donald on Kay’s blog yesterday)

"I looked at a cageful of monkeys and suddenly I saw all the mean and cruel and utterly unexplainable things I've seen and heard and read about in the time I've been with my own people and suddenly it hurt so much I found myself laughing." (Stranger)

My partner had to arrest somebody today and take them down to the police station to charge them.

The man – a labourer with a construction company – had tried to take a cable set out of the building in his bag, a cable set worth maybe R75 to the company ,or about R20 at a pawn shop.(Note to Americans and other aliens: at the time of writing, there are 6.66 Rand to the US Dollar).

Meanwhile, for an excellent roundup of Witchcraft-related persecution and violence, get along to
Touchstone Advocacy if you have a strong stomach.

To quote Damon on the breathtaking prejudice of this country's Occult Related Crime Unit:

"Why then does the ORCU's definition single out only three internationally recognised religions - Witchcraft, Magic, and Satanism - as more likely than most to lead to the committing of a crime? Does the evidence support this prejudice? Is there just cause to automatically assume that if you're a Witch, you're a criminal? Or is this prejudice based on culturally and religiously motivated urban legend?"

I can hear the divine laughter echoing down through the years, across the universe and all the way Home.

Pic: Some of my colleagues enjoying themselves last Saturday at the year end function