Friday, 9 November 2007

The Eye of the Goddess

Falling asleep last night after a trying celebration of Beltane - when every time I set foot outside it started to drizzle, so I ended up in a slightly damp circle of light -I found myself staring into the huge window to the universe which I've come to understand as the Eye of the Goddess.

It's usually the right eye, for some unfathomable reason.

The face it was a part of was fuzzy, which was odd. Then it was feathered and the eye the round yellow orb of an owl. It shifted into a cat, then a wolf.

Faster now, the face in which the eye was set shifted to a lion, a hawk, a weasel, a tiger (very strongly delimited), a dog, a marmoset.

The parade of eyes of the Goddess continued into sleep, as I called Her Charge and secured the safety of my people and ground.

She is all creatures. She is you. She is me. She is Us.