Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Beyond a Shadow

It's looking increasingly likely that we will shortly have, for a President in this country as unevolved, backward-thinking, corrupt a patriarchist as you could ever hope to avoid.
This is gloomy news indeed for this little, struggling democracy-but in all honesty I can't say that I would ever vote for an Aids-denying, autocratic Swell Old Boy , either.
No, when it comes to staying away from politics the party I firmly stick with staying away from would be the DA, bless their greedy little hearts.

It's something I commented on over at Billy's Better Blog earlier today -humanity is addicted, not just to oil, but to power over our fellows- the more power over the more fellows the better- and,like all addicts, when it comes to securing our supply, we become tremendously unreasonable. It's something I remember from my own addictions - may I never forget it- that there will come a time, or times, when the procurement of the next fix overrides everything else- caring for ourselves or our families takes a distinct back seat to the need to get the stuff which enables us to go on craving. It's crazy,yes, but then we are indisputably insane as a species.
It may be only as more of us start to grow up into the realisation that we are deeply responsible, each of us, for our creations, that we may begin to stand outside of ourselves-outside of our wants and perceived needs, outside of our drives to power over and oblivion from,that we can begin to be what we shaped ourselves to be originally- the universe in mortal consciousness, feeling our connection to each other and to all with every fibre of our beings, waking and sleeping in the surety that whatever befalls our brother befalls ourselves, and knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that we all belong here.