Saturday, 1 September 2007

Garden Blogging

Pointy hat tip to Hecate for the inspiration.

It's Spring in Joburg and my garden is starting to wake up.
In the west, a bright scarlet rose is leafing and budding.

Moving deosil (for the southern hemisphere), we come across this two-in-one lemon tree. The lemons on this side are huge and rough with thick skins, and the branches are thorny. On the other side of the tree, the lemons are smooth and thin-skinned.

In the east, my lovely Blackthorn tree all in pink blossom. Cousin to the Hawthorn, I only realised I had one of these when reading one of Paul's posts about Hawthorn.

Next to it, the Clivia has started blooming.It's related to the Crocus.

While over it all towers an Apiesdoring, a form of Acaia known by the Afrikaanse name ('Monkey Thorn'). The weavers have built their nests in it for the fourth year, but the neighbourhood went all to hell when the sparrows built one of their spectacularly untidy nests in the same tree. You can see the small, neat weaver nests in the bare boughs-the sparrow nest is the bigger blob on the left.
Gardens are good for the soul, especially in Spring.