Thursday, 2 August 2007

Thou Art Goddess Thursday

Many thanks to Lee * for the inspiration-this is something I need to practice over and over again.

I was drifting off to sleep last night-something I do every night after I've erected the egregore guardians of the place**-when I started turning everything which entered my mind into Goddess.

The buds which are starting to show, all deep crimson, on the climbing jasmine outside-Thou art Goddess. The mistaken bee which buzzed my keyboard a good ten days ago-Thou art Goddess, and lost to boot. My beautiful hounds, sleepy and alert at once on their pallet in the study-Thou art all four of you Goddess, too.

But then my mind started going over the news of the day, here in South Africa.
The trial is nearly over of a 56 year old man-Theunis Olivier, a white ex-Zimbabwean- who sodomised and then strangled to death a five year old boy, Steven Siebert, at Christmas 2005.

The airwaves have been turning blue with the violence of the phone-in listeners towards this sick and ugly man-and I admit to a strong loathing towards him as well. Hacking him to death would seem a fitting punishment. But I had, not fortuitously, just come off a transformation of the things around me into Goddess and it struck me then with a force that turned me inside out-this man, too is Goddess. Unconscious of the fact, evil and loathsome he has become-but he's still Goddess.

And*** in an area around my heart, something swelled and then burst, flooding my body with warmth. An understanding of something way beyond me encompassed me. I couldn't possibly explain it in words, now-but it was there, at the moment that I named Theunis Olivier as Goddess-a deep comprehension of the World as Goddess.

Whether we like what we behold or turn from it in disgust-it's all there, all Goddess, all our creation and our being

*Original inspiration in my personal blogosphere from Hecate , and for the world from Robert Anson Heinlein
**Other folk may lie awake, or go get a glass of milk and a cookie, or translate their thesis into Japanese, but I take the conservative route.
*** Yes, I know I'm not supposed to start a sentence, let alone a paragraph, with 'and'.