Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Husky Justice Enacted

Pic:Nardus Engelbrecht, Beeld

A man who earlier this year cut off his Husky puppy's head with a chain saw has died of massive head injuries when he rolled his planet-befouling suv on Sunday morning.Apparently, the crash happened at around 4am, but nobody noticed until 7am.

My personal hope is that he suffered a lonely and frightening death.

But what this incident is really about , for me, is the nature of magic.

For magic to be effective, there must first be a real and identifiable focus.

Next, the amount of power generated is proportional to the number of 'individual' minds applying themselves to the focus. Some 'individual' minds count for more than others, though. Those with a background in magic or practical spirituality seem to be able to light up more of the collective conscious than those without.

Phillip Matthysen supplied the real and identifiable focus. The anger generated by his action was huge. Many Witches, Pagans and Magicians are, unsurprisingly, animal-lovers, too.

The rational, metaphysical naturalist will point out that this man was under huge stress as a consequence of his actions. People shunned him wherever he went.Therefore, he was quite likely to have been driving drunk in the early hours of Sunday morning when he rolled his car.

This is a nice, clean, logical sequence of events. It's very likely to be true.

But so is the other story - the one which tells us that, collectively and individually, we are the only deity there is, and we can influence events, cause consequences, through the power of our wills. Magic, in other words.

The advisability of keeping a non-sinister profile in the world prohibits me from expounding on that other example of group power which has manifested recently in South Africa.

Update:Hecate has some more on the issue of rational versus magical explanations.Which in itself is magical.