Monday, 30 April 2007

Freedom Day - Workers' Day - Samhain

These are two of my favourite images of Pagan Freedom Day, taken by Enmarie at the 2004 event.

This year it was held at Delta Park and I had an opportunity to fulfil both of President Mbeki's steroetypes of 'Two Nations' as I celebrated my Freedom and got some shopping in.

I'm pretty chuffed with my fellow South African Pagans actually-they know how to celebrate their Freedom all right. A little picnicing, a little drumming, a little sitting with the family in the early winter sun, a little commerce.

I picked up a couple of books to sate my addiction to the printed word for the moment-both of them featuring Emma Restall-Orr, who I have on Good Authority is a great writer.

Workers' Day is tomorrow- a hangover from the Communist past of many of the ANC cadres - and most of my fellow Pagans will be Turning the Wheel with Samhuinn.

I have a slightly different take on the cross-quarter Sabbats, in that I prefer to observe them at the midpoint between the equinox and solstice, which in this case falls on 5th May, next Saturday.

There's a waning Capricorn moon on that date which affirmed my choice, as I'm already starting to feel the nearness of the ancestors around my home.

The dark mirror is uncovered and stands ready for me to sit entranced before it once more.

Yesterday I was called to by a circling Pied Crow- my assurance totem - above my garden.He circled many time widdershins, then reversed himself and flew a few laps deosil while I spun myself giddy keeping him in my sight. We connected.

Update: Not ten minutes after I posted this, I was standing on the smokers' balcony with a colleague telling him about the Pied Crow from yetserday.

Out of a clear blue sky,from behind us, here comes a lone Pied Crow, calling, sailing over our heads and heading out north west.

Ok already-I'm convinced.

Pictures courtesy of Pagan Freedom Day!