Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Through the Glass Barrier

I dreamt last night that we (I am referring to myself as a personal community-progress!) were fleeing a swarm of Praying Mantis insects.
The horrible green spindly creatures were flying into our faces.

We fled up a rough flight of stone steps, which curved to the right at the top of a cliff.

On our left, a sheer drop.
On our right, a barrier made of tall panes of glass.

I leapt through the barrier, and turned and helped my Mum through behind me.

Several other parts of me made it through also.

But one male - heavyset and slow-looking - lay down and allowed the glass panes to fall on him and crush him.

This was one of those crystal-clear dreams which you know, upon awakening, has a meaning for you.

So this morning I forgot to write it down in my dream diary.

So I'm writing it down here.

That's a lot of 'so' s