Thursday, 8 March 2007

Happy International Women's Day

From the Celtic lands of my ancestors, Thee I Invoke, Ancient Protectress:

Hail Nehallenia.

From the African lands of all our forebears, Thee I Invoke, Ancient Leader:

A Kwa Ba — The Primal Mother. To the Ashanti people of Ghana she is the symbol of welcome, and is always placed above the door. Maidens receive this carved wood or clay image at the age of first menstruation from an elder mentor; this ceremony means that she is welcomed into her motherhood role in the tribe. In Togo, a giant A Kwa Ba (Akua’ba) image always proceeds the chief in tribal procession, signifying that the Mother, and reverence for Nature, are the foremost communal value

From the faraway lands of the Isle of Volcanoes, Thee I Invoke, Ancient Creatrix:

"Ulumau Pohaku Pele" (Forever Growing, the Rock of Pele) by Kona artist John "Kalewa" Matsushita

By All the Power of Land and Sea,
By All the Power of Moon and Sun,
Thee I Invoke