Friday, 2 February 2007

Happy Trad. Lughnasadh

Deborah Oak has a post up calling for a blogosphere poetry-fest for Imbolc.

Since I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, and Imbolc is 6 months away, I'm posting my contribution for Lughnasadh.

At this time of the year, the harvest is nearing fruition, and the Song of Amergin rolls and sneaks through my mind.

This morning, coming in to the kitchen/dining room at work, the telly was showing a gorgeous documentary featuring the stag.I stopped in my tracks, all thoughts of green tea forgotten, glued to the bloody evil black box (err...South African joke for those of you not of this country).


I'm celebrating at the astrological mid-point between Litha and Mabon, which this year is on 4th February.

Here, then, is the screen saver I cobbled together for use at work.

Happy Lughnasadh.