Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Great Boiling Brain Cells, Batman!

I was pretty captivated by a brief exposition from John McCrone on how the material making up our brains is recycled on a very short frequency,yet we retain our memory on what is sometimes a very long frequency.

For example, I remember how to code in SQL every day, although the actual molecular structure of my brain has been dissolved and reformed several million times since I started learning how.

The article above seems to be taking a stab at guessing how this is done-the synapses apparently ‘remember’ the shape of the memory.

I’m sorry that I’m not a cognitive nueroscientist for today, but that sentence seems like pure handwaving to me.Even in the original studies, I suspect it ends up being handwaving when push comes to shove.

So-where do our memories reside?

Is it some kind of neural net flung wide across the brain? That’s made of the same ‘boiling’ insubstantial stuff the rest of the brain contains. Pretty ghostly net , then.

Is memory even resident inside the brain at all-or does it perhaps exist in a sort of cloud of wave functions around the general locus of our heads?

Aaargh. I really need more input on the science of this.