Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Birdy Blogging

When it comes to birds, I can get fairly irrational.

The sighting of a Pied Crow, above, has a calming and reassuring effect on me-the majestic birds moving slowly through the sky seems to say to me that everything will be all right.

I seem to have adopted them as my security blankie.

On the other hand, much more rationally, the sight of a Redwinged Starling:

from the balcony of my place of employment means just one thing-summer is almost over.

Not that you'd know it by the weather, which remains hot with a dangerous sunburn index in the day, and sleep-robbingly sultry at night.

Like a true Celt, I don't deal well with the heat, and I'm more than a tad grumpy these long, hot summer days.

We celebrate Lughnasadh next week.

Roll on the Autumn!